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    Opportunities Chandigarh

    November 6, 2015
    People of Punjab are known for living life king size. And with WTC center coming soon to Chandigarh the expectations and dreams of Punjabi’s have moved a step forward.. Read More

    Wtc Facts & Stats

    November 6, 2015
    World Trade Center Chandigarh Mohali offers opportunity to expand your business across the globe. The WTCA has 330 center around the world and opening a new venture in Chandigarh, Mohali.. Read More


    November 6, 2015
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  • Experience THE POWER OF 4

  • Pride Of Ownership

    WTC creates landmarks of prosperity, and currently offers limited time membership to an exclusive club of global investors. World Trade Centre Association, a global network and powerful lobby of like-minded entrepreneurs influences policy and legislation, and hence makes us a premium address that always takes the business world by storm.As branded premises, WTC business facilities […]

    Capital Appreciation

    Catalysts to regional business and infrastructure growth, mainstream green architecture for long term asset value. World Trade Centre Complexes not only facilitate international trade but also contribute to development of regional business communities, creating thousands of job opportunities and enabling millions of dollars of business. It, therefore, also influences the infrastructure development in the region. […]

    Security Of Investment

    Trust of a global powerbrand, that is delivered to international standards. The World Trade Association is a global network of offices across 330 cities in 100 countries. Serving over 1 million member companies, it is undoubtedly a leading name in the business landscape,and enjoys the trust of investors around the world.

    High Return

    Returns safeguarded against market downturns. Higher occupancy. Longer leases. Higher rents. The international services, facilities and amenities that WTC Complexes offer, along with being the centre stage of high-image events and scores of visiting delegates, provides high value to tenants, making WTCs the most preferred business hubs. That’s the precise reason that WTCs around the […]
  • World trade Center Chandigarh

    World Trade Center, Chandigarh is the first institution in the Tri-city that brings with it the 75 year legacy of the World Trade Center Association and a powerful medium for enterprises to give maximum exposure to their business, taking it to a new level of competitiveness. World Trade Center, Chandigarh offers the physical and virtual infrastructure that businesses need to connect to global corporations and access the best opportunities in business.

    The World Trade Center Association is a name that has become synonymous with business growth and development across the world, with a powerful fabric of commerce that runs through 330 cities and 100 countries, connecting 1 million businesses.
    The largest network of office complexes and intellectual capital in the world, WTCA fuels the development of businesses by connecting them to other businesses, government agencies, growth opportunities and the pulse of global commerce. Its international connectivity makes it a preferred destination for Fortune 500 companies as a place to work and conduct trade shows, meets, international conferences and endless seminars.


World Trade Centre is an organisation formed several years ago with the aim of enhancing business environment across the world.  Headquarters of World Trade Centre (WTC) is located in New York. WTC believes in bringing business close and wide in international arena.

WTC is an international trade body which offers international trade facilities, networking and branding for various business. World Trade Centre is a giant organisation with 330 centres across 100 countries.

WTC offer facilities necessary for expanding business. The amenities include trade information, education service, exhibition space, video conferencing facility and secretarial services. Members of WTC can avail our facilities in any country across the globe. WTC is a non profit organisation and like to partner with any non profit organisation which can provide office spaces for us.

Formed in 1970, World Trade Centre (WTC) is serving to more than 1 million businesses in the world. Motto of WTC is “Peace & Stability through trade”. Our aim is to expand your business with our brands and networking.

The World Trade Centre Association encourage trade opportunities for commercial developers and economic development agencies. WTC offers you a chance to grow and prosper in international market. WTC aims to offer balanced environment for global connections and integrated trade services under a renowned brand name.

WTC strongly believe in six values and those are service orientation, responsive, collaborative, innovative, ethical and cultural diversity. WTC aims to understand the requirement of clients and put their best foot forward to fulfil the expectations of the client. We make great efforts to generate efficient and meaningful interactions.

WTC is opening Centre in Mohali, Chandigarh. Being the Capital of Punjab & Haryana, Chandigarh offers wide scope of business opportunities in coming future. With the introduction of WTC centre in Chandigarh, people will experience new dimensions in commercial and industry sector.  WTC in Chandigarh is going to change the style of working. This place will bring a huge transformation in working of commercial sector with high speed net connectivity, video conferencing facility and meeting spaces in small and big areas.

WTC Chandigarh is located in Sector 32 and offer fast connectivity to National Highway and Airport. The WTC is located in prime location of Chandigarh and is close to Delhi Business Centre. WTC Chandigarh shares global network with Dubai, Amsterdam, New York and Chicago. The WTC Chandigarh will be built as Grade A+ state of art and offers facilities such as lecture rooms, meeting rooms, presentation area and office spaces.

The WTC Chandigarh will ensure to take commercial sector to international level. WTC Chandigarh will be the first office structure in India to get Gold & Platinum ranking from LEEDS.  WTCA (World Trade Centre Association) believes to offer a balanced environment for working and has designed WTC Chandigarh in a way where offices will receive almost 98% of sunlight. 

WTC’s across the globe are known for growth and prosperity. Business in any form has received benefits from a strong network of World Trade Centre.  From past 40 years, WTC aims to contribute diverse global trade and to maintain the global standard of networking. WTC firmly believes to open and expand new horizon of business at international level.

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