Punjab and Haryana Welcomes WTC Business Opportunities With Open Arms at Chandigarh

People of Punjab are known for living life king size. And with WTC centre coming soon to Chandigarh the expectations and dreams of Punjabi’s have moved a step forward. Punjab is primarily the hub of small scale industries and offers job opportunities in various sectors. Business is in the blood of Punjab People and they know the trick to turn circumstances into wisely used opportunity. People of Punjab are very daring and are always ready to take chances. As the World Trade Centre Association (WTC) is opening centre in Chandigarh, the people of Punjab and Haryana will get an opportunity to take their business to a complete new level. Being the leading manufacturer of scientific instruments, agricultural goods and machine tools, Punjab enjoys good share of input in the growing GDP of India. People of Punjab are also keen to expand their business across the globe and always look for opportunities where they can excel professionally.
The people of this region not only believes in living life king size but also work hard to gain worldwide acknowledgment for their business. Punjab is ready to enter into international arena with the upcoming WTC Centre in Mohali, Chandigarh. Punjab has the largest number of steel rolling mills in Fatehgarh Sahib district. The Mandi Gobindgarh in the district is also known as Steel town.
Until now, Amritsar is the second busiest airport of North India after IGI Airport. Opening of airport in Mohali will offer easy and smooth connectivity to WTC Mohali, Chandigarh. Till now, connecting to Mohali was not very easy but opening of airport here will definitely bring in large investments from across the world. The Punjabis have immigrated around the world in large numbers and have set up business of their own. Countries like United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Middle East, UAE and Kuwait have large number of immigrants from Punjab.
People of Punjab are very clear in their mind when it comes to business. They do not hesitate to explore new areas and locations. While doing all this, they never forget to satisfy the hidden Punjabi guy inside them. Known for their king sized living, showing off wealth and being fashion updated these people are always in search of business opportunities in Punjab. After earning name and fame outside India, many of them want their home town to grow and make place for themselves globally. WTC Chandigarh will surely fulfil their dream with easy and smooth connectivity to airport, expressway and other cities. WTC Chandigarh will transform the working style commercial sector in Punjab, Haryana and their nearby areas.

Punjabis never say Manda(No) when it comes to Dhanda(Business). Yes, the people of Punjab region are always ready to take up new things. WTC Chandigarh offers an ultimate opportunity to transform their business. WTCA believes to provide opportunities for the growth of your business at international market.
After Punjab, now take a quick look at what Haryana has to offer in coming times.

Being home to the most rural millionaires, Haryana is one of the wealthiest State of India. Sharing border with Punjab, the state is home to various industries such as textile, plywood, paper and steel. WTC Chandigarh opens new ways of expanding business in and around Haryana. The opening of WTC Chandigarh will provide new business ventures, job opportunities and new style of working in commercial sector for Haryana. The economy of Haryana lies on agriculture, retail, manufacturing and business process outsourcing and WTC Chandigarh is start of new beginning for Haryana.

World Trade Centre Association (WTCA) will help Haryana to connect their business with the world on a click. As Haryana is the most economically developed area of South Asia, people from different spheres will also invest in Haryana with easy connectivity to WTC Chandigarh.

Opportunities for Chandigarh

  • The capital city Chandigarh is a junction of economic power houses of states like Punjab, Haryana, Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh. The city will contribute 12% of India’s GDP and offers easy connectivity to AKDIC, the new Amritsar-Delhi-Kolkata Industrial Corridor.
  • Chandigarh adjoins seven of India’s proposed 100 smart cities.
  • At a future ready location, WTC Chandigarh Mohali offers properly planned infrastructure with 1.82 % more than the national average per capita income. Chandigarh is ranked number one in human development index of the country.
  • The city stands at 7th position among top 50 IT and outsourcing destinations globally. Chandigarh is vastly populated with 97.25% people living in urban areas.
  • Situated in the future ready location, Chandigarh offers 19% of agriculture sector, 76% in industrial sector and 5% in service sector.
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