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Take a look at the salient features of World Trade Center Association

  • World Trade Center Chandigarh Mohali offers opportunity to expand your business across the globe. The WTCA has 330 centres around the world and opening a new venture in Chandigarh, Mohali.
  • WTC buildings offer 33% of higher occupancy rate and also offer rental value of more than 18%.
  • India is the third largest economy of the world and offers 7.5 % of GDP growth. WTC Chandigarh, Mohali offers 55% higher returns than the average of the other four emerging markets in the world.
  • The future of global economy will witness huge transformation as urban areas will have an increase of five times added value in GDP growth. The country will offer 70% of new employment opportunities in cities. With the frequently increasing population, it is estimated that 270 million people will be added to the working population of the country. 
  • Being home to 100 smart cities, India will contribute to 80% of the country’s housing GDP as 75% of the population will prefer living in urban areas. Talking about the growth of urban population, nearly 15% is the annual growth rate of the country. The 20% of the annual growth is counted among the top 20 smart cities.
  • WTC Chandigarh Mohali will showcase the power of 1 million businesses. The World Trade Centre offers new horizon to at least 500 companies for expanding business across the globe.
  • World Trade Center Chandigarh Mohali provides a permanent address to help you connect to other 330 global economic hubs.
  • World Trade Center offers a growth catalyst that makes economic impact across the world. To offer you a better and clear prospect take a look at the growth rate of the cities like Boston, San Marino, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Seoul and WTC Mumbai. These cities offer growth of 33.3%, 30%, 5.8%, 20.9%, 22.9% and 10 % respectively.
  • WTC Chandigarh Mohali offers smooth connectivity to international airport and railway station Mohali which is just 5 minutes away from here. The WTC Chandigarh offers easy access to ISBT & city center, Tribune crossing and Quark city at the length of 15 minutes. 
  • Located on the main crossing of Airport road and Aerocity, the metro rail connectivity is spread to Panchkula and Aerocity.

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